Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Selection of a Good Cello School

Picking out a music school program for studying cello can be a sometimes difficult. At first you have to make many decisions. Once you have decided$, you will still need do significant exploration to focus your interests in choosing a music institution.

Step-by-step method to help you evaluate each school:

· Visit the website of your chosen school. Most music schools furnish detailed information about their programs - degrees amount of tuition fees, admission requirements, audition specifics, intake times, student demographics, faculty qualifications, performance opportunities for students and more!

It is always great to know more about the school, so that you will have more confidence and consider that the time you spend there will not be in vain. Check the indication of the school's stability and reputation as well as its standing in the musical industry.

· Check out the school's affiliation with musical associations

Some schools focus more on developing the next big STAR, and so they would have more connections with artist management companies, and record companies.

Other schools focus more on developing performers, and they would have more connections with performance place like cafes, concert halls, theatres or even prestigious arts venues in the country. This will provide the school to be able to organize concerts and shows for their student performers, to give them more exposure and build up their confidence onstage!

· Speak with an academic advisor: they have a thorough knowledge of the curriculum and study programs that can lend a perspective to your decisions.

· Research other sources of information. There is a wealth of things that you can do here: If you know past graduates of the school, talk with them about their experiences while they were still a cello student.

· Find out what kind of courses the school offers, and who are the teachers teaching the courses.

Knowing what courses the school offers will give you a good idea of the strengths of that school. For example, some schools offer more programmes in song writing, audio engineering and more.

Ok, hope these guides are useful when you are selecting which music school you want to enrol to. Once you have decided, it is best to stay at the school for at least 6 months to 1 year, in order to fully evaluate what the school can offer you! Good luck!

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by: Stacy Tan