Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Invest In A Hi-Def TV To Get The Full Damages' Experience

Addiction can be a terrible thing. It becomes a problem which leaves you craving more. Damages, which has won star Glen Close both an Emmy and Golden Globe, shows this truth in a brutal light. Several of the writers and actors have received various nominations for the show.

A high profile lawyer from Hewes and Associates, the revered and reviled Patty Hewes, is played by Glenn Close. Her character is one that is played to perfection, you can't help but love to hate her. And then Ellen Parsons, played by Rose Byrne, shows up. She's a recent graduate who many firms scout, but prefers to work for Patty Hewes. While their characters clash, neither will submit to another's will. Several incredible performances are given as the characters progress through the story.

The show has a dizzying array of flashbacks, forwards, and events happening now. Each moment is often an important piece of the plot so it is not a show you can miss without losing something. You must remain focused to keep up with the twisting storyline as it develops. And it's important to be observant. Take for example the moment in the shows beginning episode when Ray Fiske examines the collar worn by Saffron. What might appear to be an extra in the background could very well turn out to be a character later in the show or series. You should be aware that at least one person you like will be gone. From show to show you'll never know who will make it to next week. The initial season is thirteen episodes although it is unlikely that all characters will return for a second unless it is via a flashback.

I wonder if my addition to Damages will keep going. Is it possible for material of this caliber to continue being produced? Will there be further plot twists, enough for yet one or two more seasons with sufficient mystery? We can only hope! If the people behind Damages can't keep up the outstanding quality that they've maintained so far, TV will lose one of its most promising shows in decades.

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by S.McMahon