Wednesday, May 26, 2010

PackFM – I Fucking Hate Rappers (2010)

01. The Support Group
02. I F*cking Hate Rappers – Produced By Tonedeff
03. The Show
04. Nasty – Produced By Domingo
05. Wanna Know (ft. Deacon The Villain) – Produced By Kno
06. The Kanye Look
07. Flux Capacitor – Produced By J-Zone
08. Take Our Place (ft. Dominion) – Produced By Domingo
09. Step On My Kicks
10. Tough Talk (ft. Poison Pen) – Produced By Marco Polo
11. Here We Go (Come On) – Produced By Domingo
12. Sire – Produced By Domingo
13. I F*cking Like Everything – Produced By Deacon The Villain
14. Closure
15. Absolutely Positive(Bonus Track)

We cannot go back

Maybe art, maybe some art, maybe this art, maybe some of this art, serves turning the absence opaque, that is, making it at once palpable and impenetrable, so we cannot go back, so we are stuck in the appreciation of this strange, utopic now, and any attempt to overcome it, to look for the actual empty space, meets the opacity of an object, an image, a substitute, substitute not of a reality, but of what ceased to be, of the void that hence remains beyond us, happily or unhappily, hard to say, replaced by the fundamentally meager and helplessly sublime moment of a hesitant, aesthetic, experience, too private to be credible, too credible to be intimate, and yet ours, because we want it to be, because we claim it as such, because we know we inherited it from the silence that came before.

The picture - entitled (...) - is by Marek Wykowski. (Found by Gocha)

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Apollo Brown - The Reset (2010)

01. Our Time
02. Hungry feat. Rapper Big Pooh & Black Milk
03. Lower The Boom feat. Oddisee, Kenn Starr & Sareem Poems
04. Beauty Of A Day feat. The Regiment
05. Real Detroit feat. The Left
06. Seasons feat. Stik Figa
07. Brag Language feat. Buff 1 & Magestik Legend
08. Streets Won't Let Me Chill feat. Diamond District
09. Balance feat. John Robinson & Kenn Starr
10. Turn & Run feat. Med & Rapper Big Pooh
11. Odds Ain't Fair feat. Hassaan Mackey
12. Brainwash feat. yU, Grap Luva & Finale
13. Just Think feat. Magestik Legend
14. Propa feat. Oddisee & Tranqill
15. Ghetto Soul Music feat. Declaime, Prince Po & Finale

removed at request

Friday, May 21, 2010

Joshua Barton Brooklyn, NY 9/5/2009

In observation of the ongoing tradition to release something (anything) musical on my birthday, I offer here the audio & video of some backyard tunes recorded in Brooklyn in September of 2009. Though the video makes it look like I was pretty lonely out there in the dark, I was in fact joined by dozens of good friends, and hosted by the generous Gina Pensiero at her 50/50 Space (aka her basement and/or backyard). Gina gives of herself to music in many cool ways, including her band and her blog. Getting to participate in her ongoing monthly series of shows was a fantastic experience, and it was only the beginning of what turned out to be a fantastic night.

Special thanks for this release go out to Dax Monta & Graham Mason for recording it, and doubly to Dax for bringing the final recordings together as a package. I was joined on mandolin for a few tunes by Tristan Dreisbach. Matt Richman helped out with editing.

1. Introduction
2. I've Got Something To Say To You
3. We'll Always Have The Oasis
4. Going Home
5. Don't Stay Away (Till Love Grows Cold) [Lefty Frizzell]
6. I'll Fly Away [Albert E. Brumley]
7. Eugenia
8. Ypsilanti Is Seething
9. Sick Of America
10. Unknown Legend [Neil Young]
11. Point Of Contention
12. Pillaged Land
13. Roll Another Number (For The Road) [Neil Young]
14. I've Seen A Light

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

60 Second Assassin - Remarkable Timing (2010)

01. Words From The Assassin
02. Sword Style
03. M.O.A.N.
04. Clockz N’ Kingz feat. Timbo King, 12 O’Clock & Chi-King
05. Remarkable Timing feat. Masta Killa, Popa Wu & M-Eighty
06. War Zone Remix feat. RZA, La The Darkman, Prodigal Sun, Timbo King & Da Division
07. Cloud 9 feat. Heaven Razah, Shabazz the Disciple, Son One & Kristina Green
08. No Face
09. Paradise feat. Killah Priest, Timbo King & Kristina Green
10. Love Burns feat. Prodigal Sunn & Phillie
11. The Throne feat. Planet Asia
12. Dead Flowers Pt. 2 feat. Bronze Nazareth & C-Rayz Walz
13. Fizza Funky

Monday, May 17, 2010

When movement becomes dance

11 min, 16 mm film, B/W, no sound
Camera: Bill Rowley
Edit: Elaine Summers
Dir: Elaine Summers
Prod: Hans Breder, Iowa University

There are two things about this short fragment I love.
The first is the choreography of joy. The slow-motion allows us to better appreciate the flow of the common movement, the combining of the bodies, the contrast between them and everything that happens around them.
But there is something else. The dance becomes obvious at the end, when the movement continues beyond what we expected. Yet there is one earlier moment, one step of the girl coming from "our" side, which makes that clear. At a very precise point, she deviates from the way she has been running, her body bends like a bow and then moves sideways. That is when the simple vectors of meeting become something else - something more complex, less obvious. The bodies, now, create a space for our meeting to go beyond the embrace.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Reflection Eternal - Revolutions Per Minute (2010)

01 RPM's
02 City Playgrounds
03 Back Again (ft Res)
04 Strangers (Paranoid) (ft Bun B)
05 In This World
06 Got Work
07 Midnight Hour (ft Estelle)
08 Lifting Off
09 In The Red
10 Black Gold Intro
11 Ballad Of The Black Gold
12 Just Begun (ft Jay Electronica, J Cole and Mos Def)
13 Long Hot Summer
14 Get Loose (ft Chester French)
15 So Good
16 Ends (ft Bilal)
17 My Life (Outro)

Saturday, May 8, 2010


01 03:33 Declaime MC
02 03:13 Light
03 03:31 Hungry
04 03:15 Warrior
05 03:09 Dad
06 02:45 Fame
07 03:51 Gangsta
08 03:01 One
09 05:08 Dreamer
10 05:51 Brotha
11 03:37 God

Access Immortal - Birth Of A Dream (2010)

01. Red Dawn (Intro) w/ Verse Essential
02. Block Star
03. Everything I Know
04. What The Game's Been Missin feat. Silent Knight & Fresh Daily
05. I Got Em
06. Why It Gotta Be Like That feat. Medinah Starr
07. Talk About It
08. I'm On My Way
09. I Love New York feat. Karniege, Vast Aire, C-Rayz Walz & Poison Pen
10. Ya Lose
11. Aphrodite
12. Spotlight
13. Giants feat. Double AB
14. Culture Shock
15. Life Is Gangsta
16. Against The Odds

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Ursa Major - De Gre Ou De Force (2010)

01. Juste un extrait - 2Spee Gonzales & Evil Shiro
02. Triste sont nos ames - 2Spee Gonzales, Babli & Evil Shiro
03. Dangereux Feat Two Face
04. Patates en guise de caresses - Big Twin, 2Spee Gonzales& AKI La Machine
05. Shiri Shiro - D.Wan Shiro
06. La verite en face - Ursa Major Feat Killabizz
07. Revolte - Babali, 2Spee Gonzales & Ex.Mortis
08. Gangster - Kherozen aka Al Quaid
09. Tristes sont nos ames(Remix: Hommage a Fredy K)
10. Traiteur - Poops One & 2Spee Gonzales
11. Marlbare - Ursa Major
12. Darkness - Negrocentrik
13. Jeune damoiseau - Poopss One & 2Spee Gonzales
14. Rap de rue - Babali
15. 1ere approche - Ursa Major, Fredy K & Oxmoze

Sage Francis - Li(f)e (2010)

01. Little Houdini
02. Three Sheets To The Wind
03. I Was Zero
04. Slow Man
05. Diamonds And Pearls
06. Polerzeitgeist
07. The Baby Stays
08. 16 Years
09. Worry Not
10. London Bridge
11. Love The Lie
12. The Best Of Times