Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Love Aaj Kal Movie - The love of today and past

Marriage is made in heaven; a popular saying has been prevailing among us from time immemorial. It is fact that the love of every age is the same but only the time has changed. The Love Aaj Kal movie will describe people the blend of love in the current scenario and the love of the people was done in the past. This is the movie which is going to be in cinema for the first time from the production house of Saif Ali. The people across the globe are hopeful of the success of the most wanted Love Aaj Kal Movie.

The year 2009 produced many movies with great success. The burning example is Kambakkht Ishq after Ghajini. The Kambakkht Ishq made a record in the history of bollywood box office. It crossed the amount more than 100 crores in the first week of its booking. So it is expected that the Love Aaj Kal Movie will also be a hit in the world of bollywood. The success basically depends upon Saif Ali, the first time producer of his own film. Deepika, the most wanted bollywood heroine is in major role that speaks of success since Deepika has a great fan around the world.

The forthcoming bollywood Love Aaj Kal movie will define the people that the love of the people of old time and current love. Both Saif and Deepika are in dual role. In one phase they are Jai and Meera an ultra modern couple belongs to London and in another phase they are Veer Singh and Harleen Kaur belongs to Punjab staying in Kolkata. The difference between the love of past and present is same with respect to feeling. But, in course of time the living style has been changed.

Now we can guess what the title Love Aaj Kal says. The love Aaj tells of today’s love and the Love Kal says the love in the past. It is a comparison of the story of the love in different era.

Love Aaj

Jai and Meera a modern day couple staying in London. They are in love each other. They don’t try to tie each other. The time drags them in a different direction and they decide let it move with the flow. They don’t believe in the love of Janam Janam ke Sath that happens in the story books.

Love Kal

This is the story of love of the past. Veer Singh is struck by the thunderbolt when he sees Harleen. He, soon after, stands under a tree and thinks to make her Janam Janam ke Sath. He then travels thousand kilometers by the train to stand under her balcony to just see her face. This is the love of Delhi and Calcutta in 1965. In the Love Aaj Kal movie Veer is unable to understand how Jai can take the matter of heart without passion. Jai does not understand how Veer could have managed in his youth with the love of Harleen. Eventually, both stories come to light. We at last realize that the process of the love might be different in different period. But, to be in love and bonding in every era is the same.

by Manoranjan Prusty