Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Benefits of Wearing Ropa Negro Mate

Most people are asking why motorcycle riders normally wear black matte clothing. For non-bikers, the traditional black clothing of bikers is a form of fashion statement. It is a way of self expression and subculture of a motorcycle club or group. However, if you are a serious biker, then you will know that wearing black matte clothing has some practical purposes. Serious bikers also know that wearing black offers numerous advantages especially when on the road. If you need quality ropa negro mate, the Ropa West Coast Choppers can provide everything that you need. But before you buy one, take some time to know the advantages of wearing black matte clothing.

Road visibility is one of the biggest advantages that you can enjoy from ropa negro mate or black matte clothing. When you are traveling on the freeway or on open roads and highways, your black riding apparel will be visible for miles ahead. So other motorists will easily spot and see you thus avoiding road collisions or accidents. Black is not earth color so you will definitely stand out if you wear black jacket, black t-shirt, and black pants. Wearing black apparel of Ropa West Coast Choppers therefore can offer protection for you as a rider. It can also protect other motorists on the road. So the next time someone asked why you are wearing black, then the simple answer is that black enhances the safety of motorcycle riders.

For serious motorcycle riders, wearing leather crash jackets is a must. That is because leather can provide superior protection against abrasions, bump, bruises, and other injuries if you figure in a road accident. Because most leather crash jackets are black, then it has become a tradition for riders to wear black clothing. The use of leather as body armor has been practiced since the middle ages. Aside from metal armors, knights and warriors fortify their body with leather plates and clothing. Old western cowboys also used leather during horseback riding. That is because leather can offer superior protection. So it follows that the black leather jackets and pants of modern motorcyclists serve as body armor also. And it is for this reason that the ropa negro mate of Ropa West Coast Choppers also have added padding for elbow and shoulder protection.

Ropa negro mate or black matte clothing is also resistant to dirt. As a motorcycle rider, you are exposed to road dust, mud, and other elements. If you are wearing black clothing, road dirt will not be visible on your apparel. It does not mean that you will not wash your black jacket or shirt. You should wash them for sanitary purposes. But when on the road, you will not look shabby if you are wearing black clothing. Another big benefit that you can enjoy is that black clothing is weather resistant. It can keep you warm during cold weather. Ropa West Coast Choppers offers an excellent line of black apparel and clothing for motorcycle riders. You can choose black club t-shirts, black leather pants, gloves, crash helmets and other important motorcycle apparel.

by: Louis Carter