Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Buying Special Effects Contact Lenses for Halloween

In less than 2 months the spooks and orcs will be out for Halloween. It is the time of the year when we don costumes and act out our change ego. To improve your Halloween look you need to consider special halloween contacts. CGI effects contact lenses give you eyes that mesmerize. They are a superb compliment to any costume.

With special effects contact lenses you can become animalistic, dazed, exotic, freaky, ghoulish, mystical and otherworldly. Halloween is about standing out in the group, and with special effects contact lenses you may leave an eerie impression.

This could be from a local eye center, but you can find their selection limited. They'll have the most in depth selection, and their contacts are of the very best quality. These are the same contacts your eye doctor would prescribe. Best of all you can shop from your
computer and have them dropped at your door.

Get a prescription from an approved eye care pro. The FDA has issued a buyer alert with reference to special effects halloween contacts, they state that they "present serious risks of blindness and other eye injury if they are distributed with no prescription or without proper fitting by a certified eye care professional." when you have your prescription it is straightforward to order online . Do not share Special Effect contact lenses. Sharing contact lenses may spread micro-organisms that can result in serious eye health issues.

Just like regular contacts, computer effects lenses require the same hygienic care and maintenance.

So make you appointment now so you can have your special effects contacts in plenty of time for Halloween. And don?t just think that your contacts should really only be worn at Halloween. When you have them you can wear them anywhere you need to make an impact.