Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Party Plates for Any Occasion

Plastic party plates are great for any occasion. There are a number of retailers that offer plastic plates that look like china. Plastic party plates are perfect for any budget. They’re durable and easy to store. Elegant disposable plates are available in every size and color. You can also purchase matching cups, bowls, and napkins to make your look complete. High quality plastic plates are suitable for weddings or any type of party. You may find that your plastic party plates are too good to throw away. Collect them to use over and over again.

Before you move forward with a party plate order, first make a list of the types of food you will be serving. Next, you need to figure out how many people you will be serving.

For a cocktail party, count on two 7" plates being used per person for every two hours of serving. You will also need toothpicks and beverage napkins.

A straight buffet will call for at least two dinner plates per person and one dessert plate. Remember that your guests will most likely go back to the buffet for another helping.

A full service sit-down brunch, lunch or dinner will need a single 10 1/4" party plate for the main course. Other courses, like the salads, need a 9" plate. More informal meals like sandwiches could be served on a 6" or 7" plate.

Look online for divine plastic party supplies to create the perfect party. Ordering your supplies may be confusing. Use the retailer’s expertise when placing your order. Professional vendors are willing to help you prepare for a perfect party.

Save your party budget by using plastic plates that look great. Stick to your decorative theme with the variety of colors that are available. These party plates are easy to transport, store, and reuse.