Saturday, January 2, 2010

Three Monkees

There's an old Haitian proverb that goes: A monkey never thinks her baby's ugly!

Of course, man didn't descend from the monkey, and what a shame we didn't. Consider this little prose:


Three little monkeys, sat on a coconut tree
Discussing things that are said to be
Said one to the other,” Now listen, you two,
There’s a terrible rumor that can’t be true
That man descended from our great race,...
Why, brother, the idea’s an awful disgrace.
A monkey never beat his wife,
Harmed her children and ruined her life.
And other things, you’ll never see
Is an ape who’s drunk, and on a spree
Welding a gun or club or knife
To take some other monkey’s life...
Yes, man descended,...The ornery cuss...
But brother, he never descended from us.