Sunday, January 3, 2010

Nordic Games Conference, Malmo Sweeden

Opus Artz would like to thank all our associates and game developers, who made this Nordic Games conference a very memorable event, within a very compact pretty city of Malmo.

Nordic Game 2009 drew more than 1100 participants from the Nordic region and around the globe, as well as industry and educational exhibitors and extensive international press coverage.

Of particular note, were the exceptional presentations by (in no particular order):
  • World Domination: By CCP executive producer Nathan Richardsson (Nathan showed the big world dreams of how to make a product, and make it better over 12 years by providing continuing dedicated customer support. And the simple lesson of, if it is not broken, dont try to change it)
  • Creative Gaming: Lessons Learnt from Making Little big Planet by Alex Evans (Alex described the pure genius of quitting your day job, starting up a independent company, thinking big and abstract, and re-inventing the wheel (literally) for a better cause for all players with opposable thumbs!)
  • Next Century Middleware: Business tech 101 by the Unity Team (this presentation was a brilliant jewel in the crown; the three founders of Unity showcased how to apply the low cost, high volume, global appeal any platform approach they took towards generating the exciting future of gaming via Unity)
All in all, this was intimate gathering of developers, publishers, and related game students
that promise to be the bright young stars of tommorows games. Till next year, see you all again.