Saturday, January 16, 2010

Hospital Garden

Lucas Hollow left Bear Mountain Picnic behindhand in Ypsilanti, Newmarket in late 2007. Having effected in Dayton, Ohio, Hollow has found a new people to launch the project Hospital Garden, which continues the loud, frayed-edged and serious sway that came discover of BMP. Hollow's latest self-recorded songs are now acquirable via AvE as Mailbox Demos. These tracks were originally circulated among friends to allow a testing of the waters, now that Hollow is without his BMP songwriting partner, President Sova. They will be the foundation for full band recordings later on. Though all you intend here is electric guitar and vocals, one crapper already tell that Hospital Garden is feat to be an intensified continuation of the BMP experience (anyone who saw them springy will astonishment if boost intensity is possible, but those that hit already seen Hospital Garden might attest that it is). Think of a fierce crystallization of Dinosaur Jr., Pavement and The Pixies and then imagine it as lo-fi as it crapper intend (almost). Mailbox Demos is acquirable here for free. It's also up on