Tuesday, January 12, 2010


The night was beautiful with a flooded and humanities moon. Pedro and Maria were sitting on the front porch of their small home, having place the kids to bed for the night. Pedro looked over at his lovely Maria and his heart was filled with joy. They had every that they could communicate for - their health, happiness, a flooded life with digit wonderful children.

\"Maria, mi corazon, let's do the WeeWeeChu!\" Pedro told his lovely bride.

Maria did not directly reply, as she was busy admiring the stars in the sky and thinking of the children tucked safely into their beds, and the wonderful life that she and Pedro had. Finally, she turned to Pedro and said, \"Pedro, I fuck you, but no, not now. Let's meet look at the slug and the stars for a lowercase while.

It had been some time since Maria and Pedro had finished the WeeWeeChu and he had his heart set on it tonight. He had waited a long time. \"Oh, come on, Maria. I fuck you so such and I want us to do the WeeWeeChu tonight. Especially with this flooded slug and the sky filled with stars.

Maria desired to be the dutiful spouse to her precious Pedro, but she really desired to meet relax and watch the moon. She had been busy with the kids every day. They were meet digit and threesome eld old and were more than she could handle at times. It had been a rough period and she only desired to relax. \"Pedro, can't we meet sit and hold hands for a while?\"

Pedro was adamant about his attitude and had his heart set. \"Please, mi corazon, meet once, do the WeeWeeChu with me?

Maria looked over at Pedro and could see the fervour in his eyes. She really desired to please Pedro, who had worked hard every period to acquire a decent living for his spouse and family. He was the amend companion for Maria and so she relented. \"Ok, Pedro, we will do the WeeWeeChu!\"

Pedro grabbed his guitar and they both begin singing in unison, \"WeeWeeChu A Merry Christmas. WeeWeeChu A Merry Christmas. WeeWeeChu A Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year.\"

And along with Pedro and Maria, I WeeWeeChu A Merry Christmastime and a Happy New Year.

Bill and Barbara