Thursday, January 14, 2010

Long Whisker debut with Long Live Long Whisker

Some things are extremity to happen, like Long Whisker. The gathering of Reagan Sova, Scott Hein and Jim Cherewick staleness be fated since it is so unlikely. All three members come from acts that hit prefabricated their obloquy in the burgeoning Ypsilanti environs or in the city Atlantic to much a honor that they needn't hit begun added send (granted, LW haw not hit happened had Sova's older send Bear Mountain Picnic stayed together). Yet Long Whisker is real and the apace assembled entry EP is so well executed that it can't be anything but destiny.

Long Live Long Whisker is the declaration prefabricated at the outset and the name of the band's prototypal effort. Cherewick and Sova summon the labor rhythm and indie sensibility of acts like Silver Jews and imply the nostalgic ethos of The Kinks' Village Green Preservation Society with their acoustic guitars and vocal tradeoffs. The interjecting harmony of Hein's various keys, especially the occasional Rhodes-like sound, is a perfect unifying element for the overall sound. Lyrically, Long Whisker are a synthesis of storytelling and specific attending (\"astronauts are so expensive to insure because the darkness of space is so unforgiving\"). Sova's direct, doubletracked conveying contrasts with the unique emotive croak of Cherewick.

In every their correctitude and subtlety, Long Whisker appear to be a modern edition of what some number of prestigious bands might hit been in the seventies had they not slipped from country-fried to field rock, or hated each another so much or been much broken, self-conscious rock gods. As highfaluting as that haw sound, every it really means is that correctitude and sensitivity connected with masterful enforcement makes really beatific music and Long Whisker hit prefabricated a great start. Download it for liberated here.