Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Dead Man Jumps from Taxi

This week I learned that dead men can jump. Either that or the headline writers at the Austin American-Statesman are trying hard to get their paper mentioned on the Jay Leno television show for his Stupid Headlines skit.

Of course, this begs several questions:

1. Can a dead man really jump?

2. Did the other passenger "help" the man out of the taxi?

3. Did the door accidentally open as the man leaned against the door handle?

4. Who was the other passenger and was he questioned?

5. Why would the deputy have released the other passenger without questioning him and getting some form of identification?

6. Does the cab driver not know where he dropped the other passenger off?

Call me inquisitive, but shouldn't someone have asked these questions. I think what should be investigated is the police officers' investigation. The world is indeed a strange place.