Wednesday, December 23, 2009

IGDA London - Writers Block

IGDA London hosted a wonderful evening roundtable featuring a great cast of game writers, their challenges, how they broke into the industry and the challenges of being a game designer.

In the evening, everyone ajourned (and invaded) the local pub in Borough for an evening of drinks. I just wished, I could have found out more, with regards to the challenges of developing games realted to Movie tie ins. Eg. Terminator Salvation, Avatar, etc.

IGDA London: Writers Block
Spend an evening with a group of experienced games writers who will share their thoughts on game writing and where it’s headed by regaling stories of how they broke into the industry, discussing the obstacles that face writers new to the industry and answer any questions the audience might have. In association with IGDA’s Writing SIG and the Writers’ Guild of Great Britain, IGDA’s London chapter invite all those interested in games writing to join them on the Thursday, December 3 at 7 pm at London South Bank University (followed by a pint at The Ship).
Tom Jubert – The Penumbra Series,
Rhianna Pratchett – Heavenly Sword, Overlord, Mirror’s Edge
James Swallow – Deus Ex 3, Maelstrom, Star Trek Invasion
Andrew S. Walsh – Prince of Persia, Risen, Harry Potter
Keyworth Theatre A
London South Bank University
Keyworth Street
2009/12/03 19:00 - 21:00