Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Karma Voting?

The use of the Karma button on a website is simply another sign of a delusional belief that we have the elitist right to judge another individual. I do not believe Karma is a good idea when used in the way it is being used here.

Karma is nothing more than moral causation. It was “invented” in India and later explained by the Buddhist as a perception of a totally ill-balanced world. It speaks to the inequalities and manifold destinies of individuals and the many grades of those individuals.

In the context of message boards, karma “voting” satisfies the need of lower class individuals to attempt to even out these differences, to seemingly give themselves some measure of importance and equality. It is a race for superiority, a false belief of the measure of the individual. It is used by the uneducated in a false attempt to increase their own mental, moral and physical qualities over another. The more karma one achieves, the more virtuous and holy they are, while demeaning others as poor, miserable individuals in spite of their own honesty and piety.

In truth, no individual can alter another person's karma. Karma is a natural occurrence. There is nothing in this world that happens by blind chance or accident. Strictly speaking, nothing happens to man that he does not deserve for some reason or another, and the act of another individual cannot change ones true karma. Anyone who attempts to alter another person's karma is falsely acting as a god of sorts. And, who among us would believe that anyone who acts as a god is not delusional? Or an elitist?

Who among us has commanded water to seek it’s own level, that fire should burn or that the sun shall give life? These are intrinsic characteristics. Karma is neither fate nor predestination imposed by another. It is one’s own doing reacting on oneself, and only the individual has the power to divert the course of their own karma to any extent.

No, the use of karma on a message board is nothing more than an illusion, a lie to those who are led to believe that it will make some difference in the scope of things. And, yes, someone, perhaps more than one of the 252 users of this board believe in this false karma. I believe it is laughable and an insult to the intelligence of others on the board.

I have attempted to show the absolute idiocy in the choice of this “feature” as a “tool”. It does nothing more than feed the idiots who believe that it is a truism and ends up destroying what is claimed to be a community. In a real community, individuals strive to come together as equals for the common good, hence the word “community!”

If one really wants to create harmony in the community, they will strive to pull people together, be honest in all that they do, help others even at the cost of their own well-being and be a good person!

You have to question why anyone would want to put into place a tool that works against the very community that they have tried to create. Anyone with a shred of intelligence sees that this is counterproductive. Or is it really just a form of reverse karma? And, if so, it is pure genius?

Reverse karma has been associated with the sages and prophets over time: The sun being the center of the solar system and the world being round and not flat are two concepts that were immensely unpopular at the time of their first suggestion. In the spectrum of life: it is sometimes the unpopular 2-percent of opinions that change worldview.

Bottom line: I don't care about judged karma. I absolutely know that I am in control of my own karma and it cannot be altered by others.