Monday, December 28, 2009

Feel Like a Million with Just $100

Whether or not we experience prosperity in our lives is a simple matter of whether we approach life from a place of scarcity or a place of abundance.

No doubt, you could come up with a list of justifications for your feelings of scarcity and lack. Certainly the evidence is all around you: bills, debt, taxes, poor job market, and inflation. You can be as right as you want to be about your feelings of poverty. Indeed you can spend your whole life - like many people do - in "survival mode".

The problem is, you've been surviving just fine all your life. You're alive, you have a roof over your head, a warm place to sleep tonight, food in your belly…heck, you've even got an internet connection. How much more evidence do you need that you've long ago mastered the art of survival.

What you're looking for now is not a way to survive. You have that. You're looking for a way to thrive. And to start making that shift, here's an excellent little exercise.

The $100 process is simple. From your savings or your next paycheck (or, if need be, from the accumulation of little bits taken out of several consecutive paychecks), go to the bank and get yourself a $100 bill. Put that $100 bill in your wallet.

Then, as you go about your daily life, start to notice the various things you spend that $100 on. When you pass a favorite storefront window and see a coveted item calling you there, imagine yourself going into the store and buying it with that bill. Don't actually do it, now. Just imagine yourself doing it. Remind yourself that you could, if you really wanted to, have that item right here and now.

Do that as many times as you can throughout your day. Imagine yourself taking a cab (or a limo!) across town, instead of the bus. Imagine eating lunch at a fine restaurant instead of fast food. Imagine yourself in that new outfit you want. Imagine yourself buying a thoughtful gift for a loved one.

The more you imagine yourself spending that $100 in your pocket or purse, the more you align yourself with the vibration or energy of abundance. And because you have an actual $100 in your pocket or purse, it's more than make-believe, more than playing pretend. Because you actually do have the funds to pay for each of those things right here and now.

The fact that you choose not to spend it, rather than feeling forced by your financial situation into denying yourself, simply reinforces that feeling of abundance. It puts the power of having and not having in your hands, where it should be, rather than in the hands of fate and circumstance, where it does not belong.

In this way, you visualize yourself spending several thousand dollars a day, all the while maintaining a crisp $100 bill on your person. It makes you the decider of your fate, not some illusory life circumstances. And the more you practice doing this, the more and more aligned you will become with having all that you desire.

Prosperity and abundance - like scarcity and lack - are a state of mind. Approaching life from a place of prosperity and abundance is as valid and right and true as approaching it from survival mode. But just as evidence of your perceived poverty can be found all around you, so can equally unequivocal evidence of abundance.

Practice the $100 process and start making the shift now to seeing, and ultimately experiencing, the abundance all around you. Pretty soon you'll feel like a millionaire and you will still have your $100!