Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Importance of Good Photo Frame Design

For someone who collects photographic art, the photo frame design is often just as important as the selection and installation of the photos themselves. It is crucial that photography collectors choose frames that are pleasing to the eye so they can showcase their artwork as best as possible and enhance its aesthetic statement with a complimentary frame design. Fallbrook art collectors have many resources at their fingertips when they go to frame and install their photographs and other pieces of art. Southern California art consultants offer a wide variety of design resources and framing options, whether you purchase art through them or bring in photographs from other sources to have them framed.

There are many factors to consider when you invest in frame services for a piece of photographic art. The appearance of the photo frame design is obviously important, but it is also crucial to choose a frame that will protect the photo print material and increase its lifespan for years to come. A beautiful piece of photographic art can sustain unsightly damage over time when left unprotected, and it will eventually become an eyesore in the home. So when looking at frame design, Fallbrook art collectors must also consider how well the frame protects the art from damage.

If you simply display a piece of photographic art without investing in frame services to protect and display it, the photo could start to show damage in as little as a few weeks as it tears along the corners or edges. Fading or discoloring can cause damage to an unprotected art print too, as it is exposed to direct sunlight and other elements. Dust and moisture in the air will also cause a great deal of damage to the print over time. Luckily, there are Southern California art consultants that can frame your print and protect it from all this wear and tear.

Make sure the frame shop provides acid free backings, mats and mounting materials that will not cause damage to your art piece, and look for a UV filtering glass to protect from ultraviolet light. When hanging the print make sure to use proper mounting materials and never put it where direct sunlight will hit it every day. This way you’ll have the piece of art for many years to come.

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