Thursday, December 10, 2009


Fusion Dance Company was the resident Modern Dance Company for the city of Miami. Founder and Artistic Director: Wally Lord; Executive Director: Howard Dando
Principal Dancers: Cathy Contillo, Steve Spencer, Margie-Nan Hering, Christina Perera, Robert Diaz, Iris Pell, Choreographers: Mary Luft, Kathyrn Posin, Wally Lord, Bella Lewitsky, Brian MacDonald
Fusion commisioned and introduced Michael Nyman to American audiences with the dance piece, 'Little Crocodiles.' Mr. Nyman would go on to score 11 films including 'The Piano" and 'The Libertine.'

Fusion appeared on NBC Network News with an interview by John Chancellor with Howard Dando (see below)
Photos of Fusion click below:

CLICK below for NBC Nightly News - John Chancellor and Howard Dando Interview

For WPBT (PBS) introduction to Modern Dance series hosted by Howard Dando (Part 1 of Series below):