Monday, November 23, 2009

Music Overload

A friend of mine and I often tell each other that despite the pirating of music on the internet, we are the reason the record industry is still around. Yes, I still buy tangible albums and cd's (a lot of them) from Rock It Man a local record store, although the word buy should probably be replaced with spend-whole- paychecks.

A good chunk of most of my pay checks go towards buying cd's. Music is my heroin and often times my overall mood will be dictated by the amount of goodness I have coming through my speakers. This goodness is expensive and although I am a huge advocate of supporting musicians and local record shops, lately it has been out of control. I go to the record store with the intention of perusing and I leave with my hands full and pockets empty. Often times I won't even hear a new album in it's entirety because it gets piled under newer albums that get purchased soon thereafter. I need to slow down a bit and invest more time in the music that I have purchased.

With that said, are there any new albums I should know about...

By Joe