Thursday, November 19, 2009

Grey's Anatomy Seasons 1-5

Just when I was finally starting to get sucked back into Grey's Anatomy, when I had finally come to terms with the ridiculous Denny/Izzie sex, when I had finally said, "hey, I actually like where they went with this," he had to come back one more time to ruin it all. After last week, I thought we had seen the last of Denny Duquette. Izzie told him to go and he went. But it's like Denny said - he's Izzie's tumor and as long as she still has the brain lump, Denny's gonna keep getting a tan down at Izzie's imaginary beach. I think I speak collectively for the entire population of Earth when I say thank god Izzie chose to get the surgery.

Was there ever any doubt that she wouldn't? The potential of Izzie sticking with the IL2 treatments was tossed around and dangled in front of us, but let's be honest - this is a season finale and where's the tension in that? Surgery was the only option the second Derek presented it.

As for the rest of the episode not much happened. Watching Sloan and Lexie talk about the future and marriage and condos was cutesy fun but added no real value to the hour. Nor did Weber's attempts to lure Bailey back to generla with the Da Vinci - a giant, robotic surgical apparatus that lets a doctor remove organs as if they were playing some kind of futuristic carnival game. It was funny to watch, but Bailey was never going to walk away from the commitment she made to Dr. Robbins and the pediatrics program. She needs the joy.

The biggest revelation for me was George's decision to join the army as a doctor. It seemed pretty obvious that it was heading in that direction, especially after hearing the same "there's still work to be done" speech from both Owen and their patient Charlie (played by  Zach Gilford). Plus, Charlie's comments about not connecting with his family or friends any more certainly rang true for O'Malley.

At the same time, it was still somewhat shocking. When I think of George, I think of a queasy, indecisive wuss and he just witnessed a guy who's leg was so painful that he wanted it cut off even though it was heathly. It was like watching a dog eat its own puke - George saw something terrible but he decided to pursue it for himself anyway. I'm a stickler for character development and this was about as solid as it gets, but is this something George would actually do? The rest of the hospital is mourning Izzie's cancer and making "life is too short" proclamations and George now seems set on putting himself in harm's way.

?GREY'S ANATOMY SEASON 1-5 is a hospital  DRAMA that focuses on Meredith GREY'S ANATOMY DVD(Ellen Pompeo), one of several first-year surgical interns, (now first year resident) at a Seattle, Wash., hospital. Along with her colleagues, Meredith struggles to maintain relationships while staying sharp at her new job?