Thursday, November 19, 2009

Gordon Ramsay in Hells Kitchen Season 6 June 21

While it seems like the dust has only just settled on the set of Hell’s Kitchen - Fox is cranking out Gordon Ramsay again next month, in season six of the hit television show. This series, I believe was filmed at the start of this year (and another shot straight after it) and will appear on US Television on July 21. This, by my calculations, makes it a Tuesday night instead of the normal Thursday night - I’m unsure of what this means in terms of ratings - but I’m sure the tabloids will report it as a decrease in Gordon Ramsay’s popularity!

First prize this year is a job at Araxi Restaurant in Whistler, British Columbia, Canada, a location that Gordon Ramsay said in interviews earlier this year that he wanted to open his own establishment. This isn’t a new restuarant, it opened in 1981 and is already an established dining location at the base of Blackcomb and Whistler peaks. The job will commence in time for the 2010 Winter Olympics to be held in Canada and thus will increase their workload and exposure, under the supervision of Executive Chef James Walt.

This season will have the standard format of 16 competitiors, boys vs girls format, but we are told the initial signature dish competition will be a team challenge - a surefire way to provide even more fireworks amongst a group of competitive professionals who have just met and are trying to stand out!

The Red Team includes Amanda, a twenty seven year old Sous Chef who lives in New York, NY but is originally from Vancouver, WA and Ariel is also a 27 year old Sous Chef from Los Angeles, CA. To keep with the tradition of having a few contestants with ‘unique names’ -twenty three year old Executive Children’s Camp Chef ‘Lovely’ from Chicago, IL will join twenty seven year old line cook Tek from New York, NY (originally Chicago, IL). Melinda is a thirty eight year old private chef from Philadelphia, PA, who’s hometown is nearby Chadd Fords. Texan Sabrina, the thirty four year old Restaurant Manager in Phoenix, AZ will work along side twenty four year old Suzanne who is a Sous Chef in Las Vegas, NV, quite different from her hometown in Milwaukee, WI. The final member of the Red Team is Tennille, who is an executive chef, is 28 working in Fairfax, VA.

The boys team will feature thirty nine year old executive chef in Boston, MA - Andy who’s hometown is Seattle, WA as well as Dave from New Jersey, a thirty two year old Executive Chef currently working in San Diego, CA. Other Blue Team members include thirty four year old Jim, a sous chef residing in Nashua, NH and Joseph, the 27 year old sous chef from Massapequa Park, NY. Kevin is a thirty-five year old executive chef originally from Plymouth, MA now residing in Middleton, CT and Louie, who owns a diner in Fitchburg, MA. Tony is the thrity year old Culinary Store Manager born and bred in Chicago, IL and Van is the twenty six year old fish chef, originally from Buford, GA now living in Dallas, TX.

So now you’ve met the teams, start speculating on who you think the winner will be (which will no doubt be reviewed after the first few episodes). Set your television, TIVO or torrent downloading software for the two hour premiere at 8pm Pacific Time on Tuesday June 21.

As a final side note, for those fans of last season’s show, their is a health update on Robert, the chef that was forced to leave the show after making the top five and geting chest pains while attending the Borgata resort. Follow this link to get the latest

It has also been announced that the next series of Kitchen Nightmares will air in the Fall - which doesn’t help the rest of us from around the globe, more news when dates are confirmed!