Sunday, May 18, 2008

Lonely Dreamer

A man is sitting alone in an outdoor gathering, with a coffee mug in his hand. He is very reserved by nature, and does not have any friends. He is feeling lonely and his shallow mood is further aggravated, when he sees that all around him people are chatting and making merry.

He sat alone in a crowd of blabbers,
Getting disturbed by their wagging tongue,
He falls asleep in the mist of chatters,
Awaking in a world where his glory is sung.

He sat in a golden throne ,
Wearing a silver crown with gems galore,
Being the Lord and Supreme commander there is nothing for him to moan.

He is the Master of all he surveys,
He says "I am unto Everybody, Nobody is to Me",
Summoning the sorcerer, who has a bald head and tacky ways,
He shouts "I am deeply affected by the constant quiver of words thrown by my subjects, I want you to shut thee",
He commands "Formulate a spell which will clam their lips and shut their brays",

The sorcerer replies,
"O Great Emperor, Your Majesty is unparallel",
"I shall make an enchanted bubble which will mute your subjects",
"The bubble will bulge in proportions until it is maximal in size",
"Then it will burst and your wish will be fullfilled".

The bubble grows big, bigger, bigger, BIGGER....................,
And then, it burst with a "BANG",
Stumbling him into the world of reality,
He opens his eyes in a FLASH, and spills coffee allover his face,
All his "subjects" converge their gaze upon him,
Laughing their hearts out and fullfilling his dream.

by Chetan M