Sunday, May 11, 2008

Art of Comfortable Shopping

I came across a great site, which I want to share with you. The site, named Shopwiki, is a huge database of online shops. What I like about this site, is their coverage; this site virtually connects to all online shops on the internet by means of a powerful search engine. We can compare the prices of a product in various shops and hope to get the best deal, also we would have better exposure and a lot more variey to choose from. The range of products available is excellent.

Example:- When I searched for "Desktop Computers" on this site, I came across a page which gave exhaustive information on all types of desktop computers including pros and cons for each type of product. I came to know about some amazing products and utilities. The specific products are displayed in a systematic tabular manner for easy browsing; the prices of each product is shown and the "number of stores" the product is available in is also shown. Features such as "colour coding" and narrowing the search by mensioning the price range is also is available.

Example- For people who are interested in Jewelry Making, Shopwiki offers various products. I especially liked their beading kit. Shopwiki offers useful tips on how to go about bead making. I also liked their Glass Art section, in which information about various tools and kit are provided.

Do visit this site, I am sure you will enjoy browing through it.