Saturday, February 9, 2008

Unreal Tournament

Playing games is the most common source of entertainment. Playing games on console and on PC is good, since a research suggests that playing video games improves our reflexes.

I am going to talk about one of my favourite games, Unreal Tournament.
Unreal Tournament follows the successful game, Unreal. It is a third person shootist. It is a mind blowing game. This games has a very simple concept-"No strategy, no thinking, just annihilate your opponents. The motto of this game should be “frag everything that is not you”.

This game mainly tests your cyber reflexes. It has skillful opponents and imaginative guns. The background of the stages are highly engaging. The graphics is good, and game play is rather simple. It has a single player mode, it has other game types such as Flag Match, Team matches etc. The drawback of this game is that you are left craving for more. This game has 8 levels of play, and hence you can test your skill at various levels. To pump up your adrenaline levels , I highly recommend this game.