Thursday, February 28, 2008

Bloggerwave: The art of enjoying and making money

If we have a broad perspective everything is art! Making money is an art, and enjoying the process of making money is an art too. In my case, I enjoy creating Blog; If i could find the means of earning via blogging, then my enjoyment would provide me with cash. Is this possible?

It definitely is. I came across a site, Bloggerwave which pays its users to blog. Bloggerwave has a market place where the site enlists various opportunities(according to the advertiser), and you can select an optimum opportunity. You would get paid for each post. The number of opportunities that you can take up depends upon the popularity and quality of your blog. Having a good Pagerank, and an Alexa rank for your blog is an important criteria. Hence , this site provides a good opportunity to Make Money.

At present, according to the rules of this site, you can register at most 5 blogs, but if the quality of your blog is superior then they might bend this rule for you. However , there is no restriction to the number of opportunities that a single blog can take up. This is a good site and I highly recommend this site.

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