Saturday, February 27, 2010

Gripz - Poetic Literature 2: Angels & Demons (2010)

01. Angels Vs Demons Intro (prod. by Anno Domini)
02. Hell’s Highway (prod. by 2Deep)
03. I Wanna Rock Freestyle
04. Microphone Homicide (prod. by 2Deep)
05. ABCs (100 Bars) (prod. by Vherbal)
06. Critics feat. K. Sparks (prod. by One Take)
07. Labor Of Love Music (prod. by Hypnotist)
08. Rhyming Lesson (prod. by 2Deep)
09. Purest Form (prod. by One Take)
10. End You (prod. by Anno Domini)
11. Heaven Vs. Hell (prod. by Anno Domini)
12. Marjorie (prod. by Vherbal)
13. 2DopeBoyz Freestyle feat. Jeff Cherry
14. Where The Break At (prod. by One Take)
15. All I Need (prod. by Vherbal)
16. Bounce To The Beat Like This (prod. by One Take)
17. Untold Story (prod. by 2Deep)
18. Emotions Pt.2 (Rehab) (prod. by 2Deep)
19. Fire (prod. by Vherbal)
20. Rap Revolution (prod. by Anno Domini)
21. Rip
22. Bonus Track: Pussy Heaven (prod. by Anno Domini)