Friday, August 28, 2009

Winner for the last ticket to GNGWC 2008 decided

SEOUL, Korea (AVING) -- The last ticket holder for GNGWC 2008 that will be held in Ilsan Kintex, Korea, on coming November 16, has been decided.

The winners for the last ticket to GNGWC 2008 have been selected in Quest Hall, Harajuku, Tokyo, Japan, that happened on 25th.

GNGWC 2008 is taking place for the third time. It is a global game competition having only Korean online games. Japan's regional round had three games total for the competition: SD Enternet's 'Navy Field', Onnet's 'Shot Online' and Ndoors' 'Atlantica.'

The regional round began with Director Joo Gi hwan's speech, who is from KIPA's Contents department. His speech is followed by a circus team, Crew JKT. Its performance indeed heated up the atmosphere.

SDEnternet's Navy Field had the greatest number of participants (each team had 20 players.) Each round was played by 20 players versus another 20 players. Their play showed how good strategies Japanese players have in general. For the final match, 4 teams were competing with each other. It was interesting to see that 2 teams (OS-V1, OS-V2) from the same Guild made to the final match. OS-V2 team had members who had won the final round last year. However they were beaten by OS-V1 team. OS-V2 thus lost its Japan championship but made to the global finals.

Ndoor's Atlantica had a lot of seesaw games throughout the whole tournament. The fact that Atlantica had so many great players reflected its potential in the future. 'Bahn' won a losing game from 2:1 to 3:2. The audience gave applause to Bahn's bold strategy which made them possible to win. 'Bahn' won the Japan championship and '102' made the second. They both were from the same Guild, having the same luck, making it to the global finals.

Onnet's 'Shot Online' had 2,000 players participated. After a series of close matches, 6 participants were selected to strive for the 3 tickets to the global finals. 'Huranjisuko' who played Shot Online for past 3 years won the championship by beating 'Aimochi' with a big gap. He went out of bounds at the second last hole, but fortunately the opponent made the same mistake.

One of the officers from KIPA who were at the scene has said, "Now we have finalized all the players for the global finals. We will do our best to make this GNGWC 2008 final's a global festival to all gamers over the world."

All participants for GNGWC 2008 global finals have been selected. Participants from 6 different continents will strive for the global championship on November 16 at Ilsan Kintex, Korea, while the Korea's biggest game show, "GStar 2008," takes place.