Friday, April 10, 2009


Straight outta the 20th century, AvE jumps into the material realm with physical releases to collect dust, scratch and get chewed by yr tape deck.

The first is "Swat Team Extractions (There Goes the Neighborhood)," a brand new set from the AvE Ensemble on the Bare Wire Technologies label, home to such AvE favorites as Confusion Reactor, Flussig and Psyhcoptic Occlusion.
Label description: "Swat Team Extractions puts the fear into everyday living. Hear the police scanners emitting sirens and the 80s horror flick suburban neighborhood sounds scraping through to fill your head with paranoia. Reminds a bit of PKD future world where things seem normal on the thin surface until the weirdness creeps into your central nervous system. But that's just one interpretation of this amazing album of out there sounds. Make your own! Edition of 20."

Second is a cassette release of AvE 018 - Save Me From the Gallup Poll's debut recording. 40+ minutes of wandering electronics previously available only as a digital download. Edition of 10. $6 includes postage in the U.S. Email to order.

More to come, and soon.