Sunday, April 6, 2008

For all those dudes, who lack in academics!!

For people like me who lack in academics, I have written a poem :-

An average boy, named Chetan has prepared his CV. He compares his CV with his fellow classmates and discovers that he is way behind in terms of academics, training and co-curricular activities. This is how he feels :-

Seeing the White Devil,
I scorn my fellow mates,
The green snake of envy instigates me,
My mind dims with frustration,
I say "Let them make merry in Hell";
"As If I care",
The arrow of scorn inverts and points toward me,
The warrior of impartiality thrusts the arrow in my torso,

Chetan realizes that he alone is responsible for his shortcomings; because of his lack of hard work and idiocy(idiot nature), he has been put much behind in the race.

The poison of realization flows within me,
"Remember those days when you were idling before the TV";
"Remember those days when you were spending precious currency of time before the computer";
"Remember those days when you kicked your friends of knowledge and thrusted them in the cupboard",
You paid for your incompetency,
The "lazy" Devil who befriended you now mocks you,

He realizes what he should do.

I purged myself,
Decided to have an alliance with my real friends,
My brothers(books) welcomed me with open arms,
The maiden of hardwork enlightened me,
My resolute is unlimited,
In front of my eyes,
The curtain of future unrolled,
My potential broke the sky.

by Chetan M