Saturday, March 29, 2008

"Colourful Figment"- A short poem wtitten by me

An average boy, named Chetan tries to write a poem, no creative thought is coming to his mind. This is how he feels:-

I lay still, like a carnivore,
Waiting for my thoughts of prey,
My mind remains blank,
And does not elicit even the slightest thought,
I try harder, but the brick wall refuses to break,
Clamping my nerves, and fracturing my brains,
I cry "Why the juice of creativity lack within me";
I cry "Why have I been made a fool amongst the Master of Creators";

Then suddenly, out of nowhere he gets a creative thought. The thought is simple yet good enough to make him happy. There is a change in his feeling; his feelings are portrayed below.:-

And in a flash of lighting,
Rose a phoenix,
Fluttering its beautiful wings,
It fills me with joy,
I see a million colours hovering in the air,
Constructing a pattern which is my own,
I fall asleep awaking in my dream,
In a land, where I am the Master.

by Chetan M