Friday, December 21, 2007

Review of "I am Legend"

Actors- Will Smith, Alice Braga, Charlie Tahan
Francis Lawrence

"I am Legend" is a science fiction story; a virus is formulated which has an 100% efficiency in curing cancer, but it mutates to have disastrous effect on human beings. The affected humans turn into blood thirsty monsters. The year is 2009, and nearly all of humanity is wiped out, only few normal humans remain. One such person is Dr. Robert Neville(Will Smith) who is the perhaps the only normal person left in New York city.

This film shows how he goes about in his daily routine. He attempts to cure the disease by various trial and error procedures. The final outcome of the film is a philosophical one.

This film is brilliantly made; the cinematography is good, background scores are excellent and the special effects (as expected out of any Hollywood film) is exquisite. In terms of performance, Will Smith is mind-blowing, his expressions of fear, his deep observant eye, and his helplessness with which he talks to the mannequins completely etch the character he is playing.

I recommend this film highly; a must watch.

Rating- 4/5